Crazy Hot Days, Cold Bobaloca Chai

A solid blended chai with boba hits the spot in summer.

With the temperatures oppressively hot recently, Bobaloca in Manhattan Beach might be one of the better options to chill at.

You’re not likely to run into a large crowd as you would at a Costco food court (where surprisingly cheap and delicious blended coffee drinks are on the menu), Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and the decor is nice if you want to kick it at the shop located off Aviation Boulevard. The Spotify music is a bit prevalent, though.

It might have a lot of empty spaces at times, but the parking lot is a bit difficult to enter when Aviation Boulevard is busy.

Part of a chain, the Manhattan Beach locale offers not only a variety of coffees, teas and boba drinks, but also pastries, sandwiches and salads.

Prices are slightly less than the bigger chains. A large boba chai frappeĀ cost just under $5 at Bobaloca.


Dozens of different drinks and options are available at Bobaloca.

Aside from the brain freeze on the opening sip, the drink held its own with just enough boba. The drink tasted similar to Oregon Chai mix (not a bad thing) and had enough consistency in flavor and texture from the top down — no watery or icy spots.

Also, in comparison with nearby competitor Honeyboba, the drink doesn’t have that annoying splash of hot liquid on first taste.

When the temperature gets close to 100 degrees again in Los Angeles, another chai with flavored coconut jellies might be ordered.


Bobaloca is a regional chain; the one reviewed is located at 210 N. Aviation Blvd. in Manhattan Beach. Phone: (310) 376-7600. Website: Online ordering is available through Eat24, Postmates, Seamless, GrubHub and DoorDash.


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